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Keramet PJSC, headquartered in Kiev, Ukraine, is a dynamic company with 27 years of successful experience in collecting, procurement and recycling of ferrous scrap metals and providing all the services in this sphere.

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Annual information of issuer of securities Keramet, PrJSC for year 2017
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2017 performance results release
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General stockholders meeting
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General stockholders meeting
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Seasons Greetings - 2017!
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General stockholders meeting

PRIVATE JOINT STOCK COMPANY KERAMET, enterprise code(EDRPOU) 13508852, registered office:Kiev, Derevlyanska  Str., 8, 04119 (hereinafter - Company) hereby informs that the next General stockholders meeting  (hereinafter Meeting) will take place on 30 April 2018 at 11-00 a.m. by the following address: Kiev, Derevlyanska  Str. 8, KERAMET, PJSCoffice. 

The list of issues submitted to a vote  according to the agenda: 

1)      Election of the Counting board

     Draft of decision

To elect Head of ounting board Savchenko ..

To establish the powers of the members of the Counting board shall be terminated after the final counting of votes on all issues of the agenda and drafting of the minutes of the General Meeting.

2)      Election of the head and secretary of the General meeting.

      Draft of decision

To elect Headofthe General meeting (hereinafter Meeting) MolchanovG.., Secretary DergachevE.V.

3)      TakingadecisiononGeneral meeting procedure.

Draft of decision

3. Establish the following procedure for holding the Company's Meeting: 

3.1. in accordance with clause 6 of Art. 42 of the Law of Ukraine "On Joint Stock Companies" during the Meeting the order of issues consideration on the agenda may be changedin case ifminimum three quarters of shareholders will vote fordecision as forpriority change of agenda issues consideration who have registered for participation in the Meeting; 

3.2. in accordance with clause 10. Art. 42 of the Law of Ukraine "On Joint Stock Companies", it is not to take decisions at the Meeting on issues not indicated in the agenda, except for the issues of changing the order of issues consideration on the agenda and the announcement of a break during the Meeting until the next day; 

3.3. in accordance with clause 1 of Art. 43 of the Law of Ukraine "On Joint Stock Companies", voting shall be performed only by voting ballot at the Meeting of the Joint-Stock Company on the issues of the agenda; 

3.4. to establish the following procedure for consideration of each issue of the Meetingsagenda: to listen to the reportof speakers, to listen to the answers to the statements, questions, proposals submitted to the Chairman of the Meeting and to hold a vote. After considering each item on the agenda to count votes and hear the results of the voting;

3.5. report on the agenda of the Meeting - up to 10 minutes; speeches on the agenda of the Meeting - up to 3 minutes, questions to reporter, speakers and answers for - up to 5 minutes.

4)      Report of the Executive Body about the financial and economic activities of the Company in 2017.

Draft ofdecision

ToapproveReport of the Executive Body about the financial and economic activities of the Company in 2017. 

5)      Approval of the annual financial statements of the Company for 2017, approval of the profit distribution,terms and order of payment of dividends.

Draft of decision:

To approve the annual financial statements of the Company for 2017. To approve of the profit distribution, terms and order of payment of dividends. To direct profits received by the Company in 2017, to financing the current activities of the Company, not to distribute dividends between shareholders. 

The list of shareholders to be notified as for general meeting holding has been compiled on the date of 21 March 2018 in accordance with the requirements of the legislation as for depository system. The list of shareholders entitled to participate in the general meeting is scheduled for April 24, 2018, in accordance with the requirements of the depository system legislation. 

Shareholders registration will start at 10 a.m.up to10-55 a.m. The document confirming the identity of the shareholder is required. The representative of the shareholder is to have a power of attorney certifying the authority to attend the meeting. A representative of a legal entity acting without a power of attorney on its behalf is also to have a document confirming his appointment to the post, and a constituent document or an extract from the constituent document of a legal entity containing information about officials who have the right to act on its behalf without power of attorney. 

To familiarize with the documents that are necessary for making decisions on issues of agenda, the shareholders and their representatives may apply for the Company's e-mail address:  km@keramet.com.ua, or address: 8 Derevlyanska street, Kyiv, 04119. On the day of the meeting, the shareholders and their representatives can familiarize with the documents necessary for making decisions on agenda issues, at the venue of meeting. Person in charge of familiarization of shareholders with documents Tatkov Vadim Anatoliyovich, the head of the legal department Keramet, PrJSC, contact details: tel.  +38 050 326 06 88, lawyer@keramet.com.ua  legal department. 

Key indicators of financial and economic activity of PJSC Keramet (thousand UAH) 



previous  (2016)

Under review (2017)

Total assets

591 147

436 581

Fixed assets

223 078

120 616

Long-term financial investment

147 269

79 389


43 064

30 395

Total accounts receivable

162 170

183 486

Monetary funds and its equivalents

4 726

21 905

Unappropriated balance

277 987

267 979

Owned capital

364 358

320 276

Authorized capital

23 480

23 480

Long-term liabilities

119 623

9 260

Current liabilities

107 166

107 045

Net profit (loss)

27 700

(48 265)

Annual average of stocks (pc.)

23 480

23 480

Quantity of bought out stocks during the period (pc.)



Total funds spent bought out stocks during the period



Quantity of employees at the end of the period (persons)



 Own website of the Company, which contains information on the draft decisions on each of the issues included to the draft agenda: keramet.com.ua.





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