2017 performance results release

In accordance with financial reports 2017 has been accomplished by Keramet

PrJSC at a loss in 48 265 ths. UAH. However, the result of operating activity for 2017 is positive and comprises 101 425 ths. UAH. The reason of negative profit is retirements of Company’s assets in 2017 that have been located at the territory of maintaining the anti-terrorism operation, with total amount 149 690 ths. UAH. The decision as for retirements was made by reason of not corresponding to principal criteria of assets admission as in the control lose, reliable estimates cannot be reached, no possibility to rely on economic benefits in future in case of its operation. Existence of such assets significantly misrepresented the actual Company’s state. Retirement of assets located at the territory of maintaining the anti-terrorism operation gave an option of putting the Keramet, PrJSC reporting in full accordance with Accounting Regulations (Standards) of Ukraine and providing the financial report participants with useful, relevant and proved information.

Although in 2017 the activity of Company was focused on further development of direction for service rendering as for metal scrap preparation up to required quality parameters actually at integrated iron-and-steel works. The result is increasing the volume of service rendered as for metal scrap processing from 24 760 t in 2016 up to 364 866 t in 2017.


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