Industry conference "Scrap metal. Formation sources and market trends" took place in Kiev

On June 17th Director General of PJSC "Keramet" Volodymyr Bubley made a speech at the industry conference "Scrap metal. Formation sources and market trends" in Kiev.

In his report V. Bubley has analyzed the current state and development prospects of the Ukrainian scrap metal market.

Unfortunately, the chronology of changes in the legislation regulating scrap metal transactions indicates the absence of a general strategy of the industry development and total neglect of the views of experts and market participants.

Prominent unsolved problems include removal of restrictions on the purchase of scrap metal for cash (as for other types of recyclable materials), settlement of the question of personal income tax exemption for operations with scrap metal and the abolition of import duties on scrap metal.

Please use the following link to download the report and find out why scrap metal deficit is a myth and what can be done to change the situation:


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