Keramet Hungary has celebrated its 4th anniversary

Keramet Hungary conducted Family Day on October 16, 2016 in honor of the fourth anniversary of the founding of the company.

There were demonstrated achievements of Keramet Hungary in implementation and maintenance of 6S system during a tour to Keramet Hungary and ISD Dunaferr, which was organized for the employees of Keramet Hungary and their families. Families of the employees familiarized themselves with the technological production cycle and social conditions of work of their relatives.

The young participants were not forgotten as well: children got at their disposal a fire-fighting vehicle, ambulance car, loading machines and trucks. Everyone could sit in a car cabin, try a real firefighter helmet, practice extinguishing a virtual fire by means of a fire pump, act as a crane operator.

There was also organized a banquet, at which employees were awarded for their long service "Working Guard" and awarded for the results of the contest "The Best In Profession".

During the informal part of the celebration there were organized tournaments in football, tug-of-war and table tennis.


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