Volodymyr Bubley: On good people in bad systems, or How to change everything changing nothing at the same time

For the third year after the Maidan-2, which has led to an almost complete reboot in the ranks of our supreme rulers, the Ukrainian society is observing a "rustle of crowns" of centuries-old trees of the public administration system.

The system which in spite of the arrival of a large number of worthy people and revolution romantics is firmly rooted in a fertile soil, which is called our society.

It becomes clear that the system cannot be changed only by "good" and "honest" people, it is necessary to change the philosophy of the public administration system itself.

I would like to make an emphasis on this issue providing as an example the situation with the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, which is functioning as a part of the Ministry of Finance and is declared to be a servicing operator at all levels, administering charge and payment of taxes. And the problem of VAT administration is to be considered as well – as of the most corrupt and unambiguous tax in the whole tax system of our country.

Read more in the blog of Volodymyr Bubley on UBR: http://blog.ubr.ua/praktika-biznesa/o-horoshih-ludiah-v-plohih-sistemah-ili-kak-vse-izmenit-nichego-pri-etom-ne-meniaia-12999


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